Other Species

Wolverine, wolves and black bears can be taken at an additional trophy fee during your hunt.

Each hunter is allowed one wolverine, seven wolves and two black bears. Black bears can be taken in spring or fall.

Winter Wolf Hunts

March days start to lengthen here in the Yukon. Snow conditions are still excellent and the ice fishing is world class. What better way to spend a week in March?

Access to the outfit is by snowmobile. Hunters stay in comfortable heated cabins. Bait sites and spot and stalk methods are used in this hunt. Some great opportunities exist for both long and short range shooting on wolves and coyotes.

Hunters can take two wolves, with no limit on coyotes. There is an abundance of the other game to photograph, including sheep, moose and caribou. With a little luck, a wolverine or lynx might be caught on film.

In the deep water of Kluane Lake lurk monster lake trout, and March is a fantastic month to drop a line while waiting for a wolf or coyote to hit the bait. Hunt dates and lengths are flexible.

Yukon Wolf Hunting